About Us

Lawape Limited Group of Companies is a DESIGN & BUILD consortium firm offering a wide range of services in Real Estate. We are dedicated to be our clients’ first choice for Architectural, construction and Real Estate services. Clients and partners see us as integral to their success.

What We Are

At Organizational level :- We have organizational policies that guide day to day operations, a good company culture in alignment with the company`s core values that is practiced from the laborer on site to the MD. Technological advancements to ensure project quality and speed is our daily endeavor. At Project level :- We are set to tick all boxes in customer expectation, perception and satisfaction. > In Design - We endeavor to understand the needs of the user, to create functional, sustainable and unique experiences. > In Building - We strive to leverage on technology and the expertise of our invaluable team to produce quality products in a timely manner and in the most sustainable way in line with SDG`s - to help conserve the environment. > In Real Estate - We help you buy, sell and manage Real Estate products. We commit to give more value than anywhere else and aim to not sleeping until you do, to give our clients memorable services. At Team /Technical level :- We set out to hire people who are not just talented but also excited about working together. We strive to build a team that is trustworthy, ethical, professional and best at what they do. We communicate expectations and reward favorably . The team comes second to the client, - for the client to be satisfied, the team must be happy doing the job. We are religiously embedded in the notion that ;- " If you`re working at Lawape Ltd, you`re choosing to be at the equivalent of special forces. There`s the regular army ,and that is fine but if you are working at Lawape, you are choosing to step up your game."

Our Values



We pride in delivering solutions that push the limits of imagination and are aesthetically pleasing.

Customer Centric

We obsess on customer experience, peace of mind, competitive prices and more information to make purchase decision. Over delivery is our secret.


We believe in efficient use of natural resources in design and construction to reduce on negative impact on environment also steer towards affordability.

Operational Excellence

Well thought out, planned and organized systems in place to ensure efficiency.

Be Like Jesus

We set out to portray the character of God in our endeavors, of love, kindness, humility and excellence.

Long - term thinking

We focus on the future impact of our decisions and works aiming for excellence.


We communicate effectively and uphold honesty at all times, for our reputation is more important than profits.